Introducing . . . Athena!

Finally, an Easier Way to Collect your Child Support

Are you owed back child support? Do you think that your ex might be hiding income or assets? We can help you get paid! Here’s some great news! Say goodbye to the stress of trying to get your child support payments and hello to a revolutionary service that does all the work for you and gets results.

Introducing . . . Athena!

About the Service

Athena is a digital DIY platform that provides complete management for your child support case, including legal document preparation, income and asset investigations, and more.
This service offers an easy and accessible alternative for moms who want to collect their money, and either cannot hire an attorney or don’t want to.

Expertly Created

Athena was created by Simone Spence, a national child support expert with over 20 years’ experience and is a product of Don’tGetMadGetPaid, a company which Spence Founded.
Through her expertise, Spence has helped her clients collect millions.  She is also the author of three child support collection books, the most recent one is Deadbeat Vs Deadbroke: A Guide to Getting Your Children All That They Deserve.

What's the Cost?

Athena will launch before the end of 2018 and we are looking to select approximately 50 moms who would like to use her to collect their child support during our beta testing period.  That’s right – we are making Athena available to a TBD number of moms for Free and others at a significantly reduced rate for a limited time only. Take advantage of our legal document preparation for all your collection needs (motions, filings, etc.), income and asset investigations (to find assets which can be seized and handed over to you as child support recovery), step-by-step management of your case and more. When the service is officially launched, the projected monthly subscription cost of Athena is estimated to be between $60.00 and $99.99 per month.   

Get Athena Now!

Quit dipping into your savings because your deadbeat ex refuses to pay. Don’t go another month wondering how you are going to pay the rent or mortgage. Don’t resign yourself to doing it on your own because the other parent is not doing his share.  Don’t Get Mad Get Paid! Click here to enter your name for consideration to receive Athena for Free and kickstart the process to finally get what’s rightfully yours.